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Olvan is a small municipality with a wide variety of tourist resources. Its past, both rural and textile, has left a valuable legacy in terms of culture, heritage, and humanity, which brings us closer to the different moments in its history. With great drive and creativity, Olvan’s inhabitants have been able to convert these historical elements into very special tourist attractions.

The municipality has two very different centres. Olvan, hidden between the mountains to the east of the Llobregat, is a traditional peasant village which still maintains its peaceful atmosphere, whilst Cal Rosal, beside the river, is a former textile colony with a splendid past and a promising future.

The area surrounding Olvan boasts a wide range of routes which can be followed on foot, by bicycle, or on horseback. These are excellent ways of seeing the municipality’s hundred traditional farmhouses. If you’d like to take a closer look at rural life, you could pay a visit to Fuïves, a farm where the traditional Catalan donkey is bred and raised, or if you prefer, stay in one of the area’s agro-tourist houses.

In Cal Rosal you can see the rich industrial heritage that is still maintained here, as well as being able to take advantage of the shopping centre and of the different services which may be of use to you during your stay in the Berguedà. Cal Rosal follows the Ruta de les Colònies (Colony Route) which leads you along the riverbank to areas of great calm as well as to the great richness which the River Llobregat has brought to the region.

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